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Nova Scotia, Canada

Services: Offshore Structures

  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Ship Collision Analysis
  • Dropped Object Analysis
  • Explosion Response Analysis
  • Vortex Induced Vibration Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Fitness for Service Assessment
  • Wave Loading
  • Marine Risers
  • Independent Design Reviews
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • ANSYS CFX & Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • ANSYS Multiphysics


Grantec participates in the development of offshore structures standards at both the CSA and ISO levels. The principal of Grantec holds leadership and technical positions at both the National (SCC/CSA) and International (ISO) levels. See Standards Development link for more information.


Grantec's Principal Richard Grant, M.Eng., P.Eng., is the Canadian Lead for:ISO 19901-3 Offshore Structures: TopsidesISO 19902: Offshore Structures: Fixed Steel


Canadian Expert for Accidental Actions & Situations (Explosions, Ship Collisions, Dropped Objects, Strong Vibrations, etc.)

ANSYS Advantage Oil Gas


Grantec Engineering Featured in 2012

ANSYS Advantage Oil & Gas Special Edition (Click to Download PDF 5.35 Mb)


ANSYS Advantage Oil Gas


Grantec Engineering Featured in 2014

ANSYS Advantage Oil & Gas Special Edition (Click to Download PDF 5.73 Mb)


Wellhead Platform


Ship Collision Impact Analysis of Wellhead Jacket

Offshore Structural Local Damage

Ship Collision Impact Analysis of Offshore Jacket Structure


Rowan Gorilla Jack-Up Jack Up Unit


Rowan Gorrila III Jack-Up Unit

FEA Finite Element Analysis Rowan Gorilla Jack-Up RGII


FEA of Rowan Gorrilla Jack-Up Unit


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Wave Overtopping Gravity Base Structure (GBS)


GBS Wave CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics


Wave Advancing on GBS

Wave flowing over GBS Top

(Wave moving to Right)


GBS Wave CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics


Wave Passing GBS

Greenwater on top of GBS

(Wave moving to Right)


Ship Motion Analysis

Splash Zone Lift Analysis



Blast Wall Deformed


Non-linear dynamic response of blast wall panel. Solution by explicit FEA.


View Offshore Blastwall Response Animation
Sable Wellhead Platform Leg


Sable Wellhead Platform: Independent Assessment of SCF at Node Barrel Can to

Leg Transition with Misalignment

DP Wellhead Jacket Leg


Jacket Leg-to-Brace Stress Concentration


Tubular Crush Pipe


Energy Absorption of Offshore Jacket

Tubulars to Assess Resistance

to Ship Collision

Tubular Crush Pipe Finite Element Analysis FEA


Side View of Dented Tubular

(Analysis via FEA, Non-linear material, large deflection)

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