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News: Grantec recognized in SolidWorks / Javelin 2006 Design Awards

In January 2007, Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc. was pleased to be recognized in the SolidWorks / Javelin 2006 Design Awards.  The Design Awards covered a range of areas from Solid modeling, FEA to CFD. Grantec received the honourable mention for the Finite Element Analysis category. The honourable mention, posted on the Javelin website, is reproduced below.

Honourable Mention - FEA

Entry: Stress Analysis

Designer: Rick Grant

Company: Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc., Hammonds Plains, NS.

Description: Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc. (, on behalf of a leading North American-based international supplier of desalination systems, conducted advanced finite element analysis of a large (500 ton) Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) desalination vessel to assess the integrity of the major pressure retaining components under pressure, vacuum, wind, thermal, gravity and hydrotest loads.

The main externally stiffened-plate rectangular-section vessel, approximately 100 feet long x 30 feet wide x 25 feet high, consisted of a series of interconnected shell and tube heat exchanger stages.

The primary pressure components modeled and analyzed included: various external waterboxes connecting the exchangers and process piping (four waterbox configurations were assessed, the U-bend waterbox is pictured); the main stiffened-plate vessel; tube bundles; tubesheets and structurally stiffened nozzle openings.

To assess the main vessel, a large detailed model consisting of a series of the exchanger stages, external structure and internals was developed.

Non-linear analysis was performed using COSMOSDesignStar Advanced Professional to assess the buckling stability of the main vessel under vacuum loading. The design code for the vessel was ASME Section VIII Division 1.

Design Tools:

  • SolidWorks for solid and surface modeling
  • COSMOSWorks & COSMOSDesignStar for advanced finite element analysis
  • COSMOSM Thermal Analysis of Exchanger Tube Bundles
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