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Experience: Offshore

PSS Chemul Semi-Submersible FIFI Pump Foundation Analysis

PSS Chemul (PEMEX Accommodation Semi-Submersible Offshore Platform):

FIFI (Fire Fighting) Pump Foundation Analysis

PSS Chemul Incinerator Feasibilty Study

PSS Chemul (PEMEX Accommodation Semi-Submersible Offshore Platform):

Incinerator Feasibility Study

Subsea Pig Launcher Receiver White Rose Project

Subsea Production Flowline Pig Launchers and Receivers for White Rose Project (Newfoundland): North Amethyst (2009)

Pressure & Strength Design to ASME B31.3 & ASME VIII Division 1; Lifting component design to Lloyd's Rules: Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment and consideration of DNV 2.22; Anode Design to DNV B401

Marine Riser Jack-Up Jack Up Analysis China

Husky: Marine Riser Analysis - China

Petro-Canada Marine Riser Rowan Gorilla VI Jack-Up

Petro-Canada: Marine Riser Analysis for Rowan Gorilla VI Jack-Up

Husky Marine Riser Rowan Gorilla VI Jack-Up

Husky: Marine Riser Analysis for Rowan Gorilla VI Jack-Up

White Rose FPSO Nozzle Fatigue

White Rose FPSO Process Vessels: Fatigue Analysis

White Rose FPSO Closed Drain Vessel Blast

White Rose FPSO Process Vessels: Blast Analysis

Sable Offshore Blast Wall Deformed

Sable Offshore Energy Project Blast Wall Assessment

Deep Panuke Ship Impact Jacket Response

Deep Panuke Ship Impact Analysis

Deep Panuke FLACS Simulation

Deep Panuke: Coordination of CFD Explosion Analysis

EnCana Deep Panuke Platform

Deep Panuke Safety Studies Coordination and Advice


Deep Panuke: Critical Review of Concept Safety Analysis

Deep Panuke Wellhead Jacket Leg FEA

Deep Panuke Detailed Jacket FEA

Deep Panuke Pipeline

Deep Panuke Regulatory Guidance on Offshore Pipeline

West Navion Marine Riser System

West Navion: Critical Review of Marine Riser System

Sable Offshore DPA

Sable Offshore Energy Project: Regulatory Review

Explosion Test

Critical Review of Resistance of Safety Critical System to Explosion Loads

Sable Pipeline Impact Finite Element Analysis FEA

Sable Offshore Energy Project: Pipeline Impact Analysis


Critical Review of Fracture Mechanics Assessment (Engineering Critical Assessment ECA) of Offshore Pipeline Allowable Weld Flaw Size

Hibernia Batch Plant

Hibernia: Design of Batch Plant Aggregate Bins

Hibernia GBS Construction

Hibernia: Critical Review of Structural Design in Support of GBS Construction

Hibernia ISO Container

Hibernia: Assessment of the Effect of Cut-outs on the strength of ISO Containers to be used as office modules on the West Access Barge.

Cohasset Panuke RGIII Leg Tubulars

Cohasset Panuke: RG III Leg Tubulars: Analysis of Vortex Induced Vibration

Cohasset Panuke Marine Riser Assessment

Cohasset/Panuke Independent Marine Riser Assessment

Cohasset Panuke Independent RGII

Cohasset/Panuke Independent Review of Certification

Cohasset Panuke Nordic Apollo

Cohasset / Panuke Nordic Apollo FSO Ship Impact Analysis

Cohasset Panuke Nordic Apollo FSO

Cohasset / Panuke Nordic Apollo FSO: Detailed Analysis of Diesel Generator Installation including Dynamic Response Analysis

Shell Canada Subsea Wellhead

Shell Canada Resources: Subsea Wellhead Analysis

Shell Canada Semi Mooring Submersible

Shell Canada Resources:  Semi-Submersible Mooring Analysis

Shell Canada Marine Riser Cleaned

Shell Canada Resources: Marine Riser Analysis

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