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Services: Computational Fluid Dynamics

In the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), Grantec Engineering Consultants inc. employs Multiphysics software from ANSYS Inc.

The ANSYS Multiphysics code is a high-end state-of-the-art coupled physics tool combining structural, thermal, CFD, and acoustic simulation capabilities. Grantec's perpetual ANSYS license, includes
  • ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise FEA
  • ANSYS Fluent (CFD)
  • ANSYS AQWA (Hydrodynamics)
  • ANSYS WorkBench
  • ANSYS DesignModeler
  • ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • ANSYS Geometry Interface for SolidWorks
  • ANSYS High Performance Computing (HPC)

Some of advanced capabilities of the ANSYS Multiphysics code employed at Grantec include:

  • Fully coupled Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), dynamic and transient
  • Fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Advanced turbulence models
  • Multiphase flow analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • HVAC Analysis
  • Acoustics
  • extensive element library including linear and nonlinear elements
  • dynamic analysis including nonlinear with implicit solvers
  • nonlinear analysis including large strain
  • Wave mechanics including Linear, Stoke's and Dean's formulations
  • Wave Spectra (Jonswap, Pierson Moskowitz)
  • Diffraction analysis
  • Immersed pipe and cable dynamics (including submerged systems such as moorings, towed bodies and marine risers)

The ANSYS Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) solution is considered to be the most advanced and flexible coupled structural-fluid physics tool currently available.

Design of High Velocity Dual Pressure Safety Valve
(PSV) Steam Venting System
(Streamlines are for one Pressure Safetly Valve Relieving)

Wind Loading on Modular Building Structure
Prior to Collapse of Structure

Grantec Featured in ANSYS Advantage Oil & Gas Special Edition 2014 (Download)

Grantec Featured in ANSYS Advantage Oil & Gas Special Edition 2012 (Download)

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Time Slice showing Streamlines of Explosion
Flow over Pressure Vessel

Sloshing Inside Vessel
due to External Explosion Load

Fully-Coupled Dynamic Response Analysis by FSI of Pressure Vessel

subjected to External Hydrocarbon Explosion Loading with Internal Sloshing of Fluid
The Pressure Vessel Shell and Supports are explicitely modeled in this FSI as shell and beam elements.
Stress contours are shown in the graphics above (for one point in the time domain solution).

Section Through Flow Conditioner System
Pressure Vessel Designed to ASME Requirements

CFD of High Temperature Flow
Through Test System

Aerodynamic and Mechanical Design
of High Temperature Flow Conditioning System

for Aircraft Engine Component Test System

Wave Making Resistance Analysis
of a Tanker Vessel

Wave Loading on Offshore Structure
and Green Water Effects

Heat Transfer Analysis of an Electronic Enclosure
with Internal Circuit Boards
for Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
(Graphic shows Temperature Distribution
and Air Velocity Vectors)

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) in Waves
(Motion and Loading Analysis)


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